Bikini Facts

Regardless of what time of year it is, when you think bikinis, you conjure up images of sand and surf with beach chairs and umbrellas, or lounge chairs by the pool and a cold drink in your hand, but have you ever stopped to really think about the word itself?  It is a funny sounding word.  Where did the word come from?  How was it associated with two piece swimsuits?  When were bikinis introduced?  Dazzle your friends with these random facts!


  • Louis Réard invented the modern bikini in 1946 and named it after the Bikini Atoll.  The atoll was the site of American nuclear tests in the 1940s and 1950s.


  • In addition to being a swimsuit, Bikini is also the name of a popular Hungarian rock band.
  • The song “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” was written about one author’s daughter after he watched her playing on the beach in a two-piece swimsuit at 2 years old.
  • A bikini first graced the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1964 thus launching the Swimsuit Issue which comes out yearly in mid-February.
  • Sales of two-piece swimsuits dropped off so sharply in the 1980s and 1990s as women flocked to one-piece swimsuits that Louis Réard’s original bikini company was forced to close.
  • The World’s Most Expensive Bikini is valued around $30million and contains 150 carats of Flawless diamonds.
  • There is a German company that makes a dissolvable bikini.  Seriously.
  • In 2007, the Burqini was invented to give Muslim women a swimwear alternative.
  • Barbie’s first outfit was a black and white striped bikini.

So the next time you and your friends are out on the beach laying there soaking up the rays, or hiding under an umbrella, bust out one of those random facts about bikinis and see if they can top it.